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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


2nd Modular Housing Plant in Peru

Project information

Piura, Peru

Customer product:
Modular Houses

Project description

Affordable, yet comfortable and safe housing to meet the growing demand in living space – this is what project developers and national governments in many regions of the world are striving for. Llaxta is leading the way in Peru. The company has grown from a start-up to one of the country‘s most important real estate developers in the last ten years –  
with the help of Reymann Technik planning and production technology from Germany.

The success story began in 2012 with the first project in Ica, south of the capital Lima. The production facilities for the modular houses and necessary formwork technology were jointly made possible by Reymann Technik as the planning and engineering offi ce and Ratec as the component supplier. Within 10 months, the first production plant for precast modular houses in South America was built and the evolution of the new settlement of „Las Piedras de Buena Vista“ started. In the meantime, further development projects have been created within a radius of up to 50 km from the first project, for which the room modules and con-crete elements are manufactured in the plant in Ica.

The successful concept was then being transferred to other parts of the country. In the beginning of 2021, the second modular housing plant went into operation in northern Peru, in the Piura region. The house concept for the new „Los Altos de Castilla“ settlement was tailored to the region and its needs. Each house consists of one module with a total area of 25 square meters, divided into living room/kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

The house can be extended later on the associated plot according to the needs of the residents. This project is also ambitious: more than 20,000 homes are to be built there with the objective to provide the residents with a higher quality of life. Reymann Technik was again commissioned as planner and general contractor, adapting the concept of the first plant and further developing it from the experience of the previous project. The two modular housing plants are unique not only in South America, but worldwide. However, there is great interest in other countries for similar concepts.