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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


A success story in two generations


Innovationskraft in der zweiten Generation

For almost 30 years, the sons of company founder Wolfgang Reymann, Andreas, Jörg and Mathias, have been continuously developing the know-how that has grown over almost 50 years. From the one-man engineering office Reymann Technik, which Wolfgang Reymann founded in Hockenheim in 1974, a group of companies has emerged that has repeatedly revolutionised the entire process of precast concrete production with its ideas and products. This is where great process engineering knowledge, creativity and strategic thinking, with the purpose to always do it a little better, come together. With today more than 100 employees, two own production sites and a worldwide distribution network, the group of companies offers innovative and economic solutions for rationalisation in the production of precast concrete parts, based on tradition.

Reymann Technik not only develops pioneering rationalisation solutions, but also ensures smooth processes as a project developer right up to the turnkey precast concrete plant. On this basis, ideas are turned into reality - economically, individually and precisely.



Wolfgang Reymann is founding Reymann Technik as a one-man engineering office in Hockenheim


 Reymann Technik develops the first CAD/CAM-controlled circulation plant for the production of element slabs.


RATEC is founded in Hockenheim to supply precast concrete production plants with innovative shuttering technology.


 RATEC presents its modular formwork system with integrated switchable magnetic technology, which revolutionizes precast concrete part production.


Expansion to North America: RATEC LLC is founded in Florida, USA


Generation change: First project as General Contractor for a complete Factory in Spain.


Introduction of UPCRETE® system – the trendsetting technology plattform for the production of high-quality precast concrete elements.


Reymann group is celebrating a double anniversary with RATEC looking back at 20 years of innovative ideas and Reymann Technik celebrating its 40th birthday.


RATEC Asia Pte Ltd, our first own office in Asia, opened in Singapore. The new location is destined to serve customers in the entire Southeast Asian region and by proximity to the customer provide more extended and efficient engineering support.


First installation of the flexible 3D mould kit for the production of room modules for multi-storey residential buildings in Singapore


 Commissioning of the 2nd modular houding factory in Peru


 Reorientation in North America: RATEC LLC becomes RATEC America Corporation