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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Circulation plant for capacity expansion

Project information


Customer product:
Solid Wall Plant

Project description

Performance RTPlanning

Plant capacity: 700 m² solid wall/shift

Hall: Area 5.600 m², Clearance 10,80 m

Personnel: 20 employees/shift (wall)

Plant concept:

• Solid wall 100 – 350 mm element height up to 1.200 mm

• 40 pallets L/W 13,5/4,35 m

• Fixed shuttering side adjustable to diffrent heights

• Magnet shuttering system flexible inside 25 mm-raster from 100 up to 350 mm

• Pre demoulding directly after smoothing, through this less shutterings are required

• 2 pallet lines for reinforcement

• 4 special stations placed on the curing chamber

• Tilting bypass station

• Curing chamber tunnel for 5 pallets, to generate a puffer (pre-curing before smoothing)

• Smoothing line with 2 helicopter leveling device working area for 4 pallets

• Inside the hall stacking and interim storage for precast elements

• Option: double wall

Project description

s demanded by the customer production capacity should increase up to 40 elements per day.

Realized capacity:

- 36 pallets
- 42 walls
- 870 m² walls
- 146 m³ concrete
- 20 employee
- 10 hours

Requirement of the customer a smoothed surface with high quality.

Optimum production results with high quality and quantity are produced. The planned systems with curing tunnel, smoothing line, and demoulding after smoothing increases the efficiency considerably.