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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Circulation plant to produce double walls

Project information


Customer product:
Double Wall Plant, Compact

Project description

Performance RT: Planning

Plant capacity: 160 m² Double Wall

Hall: Area 820 m², Clearance 6,38 m

Personnel: 5 employees/shift

Plant concept:

  • Double wall
  • 24 pallets L/W 8,0m/3,0m
  • Low investment cost
  • Lower level of automation
  • Realization in an existing hall: L/W/H 54,0 m/11,2 m/6,4 m
  • Hall extension for steel processing: L/W/H 24,0 m/9,0 m/5,5 m
  • Total area: 820 m²
  • The existing hall cranes can be used.
  • All foundations, inserts, pits and services should be incorporated within 20 cm on top of the existing hall floor.

Project description

The owner of our reference project wanted to produce only double walls. A multifunctional plant was explicity not desired.

The conception and realization of a circulation plant, designed exclusevely for a single product, reduced the investment costs to a minimum, but also facilitates a highly efficent production.