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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Flexible circulation plant for highly complex solid walls

Project information


Customer product:
Solid Wall Plant

Project description

Performance RT: 

General contractor

• Planning

• Construction service

• Delivery

• Assembly

• Commissioning

• Project management

Features of the plant

Plant capacity: 500 m² solid wall/shift

Hall: Area 5.000 m², Clearance 12 m, Platform 880 m²

Personnel: Minuimum 18 employees/shift (depends on degree of difficulty of the final product)

Plant Concept:

• Flexible circulation plant for highly complex solid walls or other solid walls/special parts

• Optimized production of sandwich walls is possible

• Production with SCC is possibe without vibration station

• Shuttering handling devices for moulding and demoulding

• Moulding with laser projection

• Solid wall production 150 – 200 mm, Option: 100 – 300 mm

• 3 Smoothing stations with two remote controlled helicopter devices and power trowels for highly smooth surfaces

• 40 pallets L/W 13,50 m/4,35 m extendable up to 60 pallets

• Possibility to load up to 5 in-loader pallets at the same time inside the hall

• Flexible shuttering in height and length with reinforcement channels.

• Production main computer for the automatic control of product specific cycle for the pallets through the circulation plant

Project description

• Organization and accomplishment of constuction works

• Complete supply and installation of inserts

• Supportive production management over several weeks after commissioning

• Support with the adjustment of a new data interface between the in-house CAD-software and the host