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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Flexible production of several products at the same time

Project information


Customer product:
Double Wall, Solid Wall & Lattice girder slab

Project description

Performance RT: 

• Planning

• Know-how Transfer

• Project management

Features of the plant: 

Plant capacity: 320 m² double wall/shift or 800 m² clearance or 500 m² solid wall/shift

Hall: Area 3.200 m², Clearance Höhe 11 m

Personnel: 10 – 16 employees/shift

Plant concept:

• Flexible production of several products at the same time

• Automatic shuttering robots for two shutterin systems

• Shuttering handling device

• Automatic steel processing Option: reinforcement robot

• Quality control with laser projection

• Automated concrete distributor Option: second concrete distributor

• Two compacting units

• 4 independent pallet stations for special works and finishing

• Double wall 180 – 400 mm, Core insulated double wall, solid wall 100 - 200 mm, lattice girder slab

• 40 pallets L/W 12,60 m/3,65 m