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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Integration of a new pallet circulation plant in an existing production

Project information


Customer product:
Girder Slabs
Double Walls

Project description

Schneider Betonfertigteile GmbH recently invested in a new multifunctional plant for the production of girder slabs and double walls, thus laying the foundation for capacity expansions. Reymann Technik was commissioned with the planning of the plant and accompanied the reali-sation of the new building as project management partner. The production at the Philippsburg site consists of a total of three production halls with different equipment, in which the entire product mix is manufactured. The decisive factor for the investment decision was the increased order situation with limited daily  capacity, where the existing production gradually reached its limits.

In a first step, Reymann Technik GmbH was commissioned to carry out a feasibility and investment study. The feasibility study analysed existing production possibilities and identified opportunities to expand the capac-ity of the main products. Accommodating the new plant on the existing site while taking into account the existing buildings was one of  the challenges in this project.

The plant equipment corresponds to the latest state of  the art in lattice girder slabs and double wall production. Particularly noteworthy are the completely automatic shuttering logistics with shuttering, storage and deshuttering robots, as well as automatic shuttering transport and cleaning. All other machinery equipment of the planned circulation system, such as the reinforcement processing, the automatic concrete spreader, various compaction sta-tions, automatic rack feeder and curing chamber were also precisely adapted and coordinated to the special parameters and requirements of the customer and its products. The coordination of the individual suppliers and service providers on the part of the Reymann Technik project management also ensured that the components and their planned environment were perfectly coordinated and  demonstrably fulfilled the desired key figures.