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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Plant with highly production flexibility

Project information


Customer product:
Double Wall, Solid Wall, Lattice girder slab

Project description

Performance RT: Planning & Projectmanagement

Plant capacity: 280 m² double wall/shift or 720 m² lattice girder slab/shift

Hall: Area 4.000 m², Clearance 13,85 m

Personnel: 10 employees/shift (double wall) 8 employees/Shift (slab)

Plant concept:

  • Double wall 180 - 500 mm
  • Special elements up to 600 mm
  • 32 pallets L/W 10,6/3,65 m extendable up to 18 pallets
  • Tilting bypass station
  • 2 compacting stations
  • Laser projection
  • Automated straightening and cutting for round steel
  • Possibility to produce core insulated double walls and special elements
  • Direct concrete transport from the existing mixing plant integrated inside the hall
  • sage of SCC is also possible
  • Divided hall
  • At the lift-off area it is possible to place 8 in-loader pallets ready for usage.

Project description

Our customer, a building company, demanded a plant with a high flexibility for products.

Partly the produced elements are used for own need and for the market.


A plant with highly production flexibility, 3 stations for special elements and possibilities to extend.