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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Production of all sides smooth solid walls.

Project information


Customer product:
Solid Wall Plant, Battery Production

Project description

Performance RT: Planning

Features of the Plant

Plant capacity: 320 m² solid wall/shift 960 m²/da

Hall: Area 4.750 m², Clearance 15,6 m

Personnel: 12 employees/shift

Plant concept:

• solid wall 140 mm

• Wall height upt to 3.400 mm

• 8 outer moulds (stationary)

• 20 inner moulds L/W 11,0/3,4 m moveable + concreting from both sides

• Adjustable wall height on height adjustable floor

• Moveable face-sided shuttering at the inner mould

• Magnet shuttering inside

• Transport of inner mould with a central travelling platform between work stations:

- Outer mould/concreting/curing

- Puffer station/curing

- Lift-off station

- Moulding station

- Reinforcement channel

• Fill in concrete from above via concrete distributor

Project description

Production of all sides smooth solid walls. A wall which is smaller at the top is to realize.

Requirement: producing walls with less tolerance.

Concrete surface with a good quality and without any reworking.