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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Solid Wall Plant, Upcrete® Battery Production

Project information


Customer product:
Solid Wall Plant, Upcrete® Battery Production

Project description

Performance RT: 

• Planning


• Delivery

• Assembly

• Commissioning

Plant Capacity: 120 m² Sandwichwalls in 2 x 8 hours

Hall: Area 380 m², Clearance 7,59 m

Personnel: 4 employees/shift

Plant concept:

• wall thickness 60 - 420 mm

• wall height up to 3.500 mm

• 1 pair of outer mould (moveable)

• 3 pair of inner moulds L/W 9,0/3,5 m moveable + concreting from both sides

• moveable face-sided shuttering at the inner mould, useable for all wall thicknesses without adjustment works

• Adjustment of wall height via magnet shuttering from the top

• Magnet shuttering inside

• Heating system inside the inner and outer mould

• Transport of concrete via pump UPP and inlet UCI from the bottom

• Work station system for vertical preparation of reinforcement including sandwich insulation with all connections

Project description

Planned and realized in co-operation with the customer.